Wings 19 (5.0 hrs)

Five hours of deburring.  The most fun you can have outside the bedroom.

Sarcasm aside, today I completed deburring all 8 wing skins and both wing walk doublers. I also got a good start on deburring the edges of all the skins.  The next shop session should get me through priming all of the leading edge components and wing skins. Then it will be time to dimple.  A friend from Chapter 1384, Rishab, volunteered to help me with riveting and I hope to be able to do that the weekend of 12 April.

My wife graduates law school in May, and we’ll be moving to a new location at the same time, so May will be a busy month.  I want to have the main wing skeleton riveted by that time to make transport easier. Fingers crossed.

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