Wings 2 (5.0 hrs)

Rib prep is painful.  And that is my excuse for not taking pictures.  Besides, a rib before deburring, looks just like a rib after deburring!

Today I deburred all of the lightening holes, and fluted 50 of 54 ribs.  I just couldn’t flute anymore as my hand was cramping up and in a fair amount of pain.  This is by far the most dull part of build so far.  When I finish fluting, I will be ready for some final deburring of areas like the corners and small areas.  I figure that should take me no more than about 2 hours.  Then rib prep will be essentially done.

I’m pretty excited to mount this stuff up on the wing stand and start the match drilling process. Tomorrow is a federal holiday, so I have off work.  Hopefully I’ll have these babies up on the wing stand tomorrow!

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