Wings 11 (2.0 hrs)

Back to the leading edges.  Today I started fitting the inboard ribs (408s) to the skins.  These are the only ribs that are not pre-drilled, so they take a little extra work.  Here are the steps I took:

  1. First I fit the ribs in the skins as closely as I could get and marked every hole with a sharpie.  This was so that I knew where I could flute.
  2. Fluted the ribs.
  3. Replaced the ribs and clamped in place.
  4. Drilled the aft flange to the spar.

After that it was time to fit the tank attachment piece (forget the name right now).  This takes a little work, but the instructions are straightforward. 20131130-194500.jpg


Here is the rib and tank attachment in the process of being match drilled.20131130-194518.jpg

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