Wings 10 (3.0 hrs)

Its been more than 3 weeks since I was last in the shop!  I had a trip to Charleston South Carolina one weekend, and another weekend taken up with homework for my MBA program.  (Accounting… yuk).  I also took a weekend and completely vegged out.  I have a tendency to take on large workloads and multiple projects that can wear me thin.  Sometimes I have to take a step back and recharge or I will get burned out.  This weekend, is of course Thanksgiving.  So its been a four day weekend that I can relax, work on the plane, and get some homework done all at the same time.

Before I get on to the project, there is other aviation related news.  I’ve rejoined Fort Meade Flying Activity ( and I will be getting checked out in the Piper Arrow.  I also need to do a BFR and IPC.  My wife and I want to do a couple overnight trips, and I figured it would be fun to do some flying around here, so its time to stop procrastinating.

On to the project.  First, I finally completed the other tie down bracket as I’d received a shipment from Van’s.  I bought the tank sealant, flop tubes, new delux fuel caps, and the silly rivets I was out of.  Next up, I started by making the leading edge cradle.  I used scrap wood and really took Van’s instructions of “don’t waste time making it perfect” to heart.  Its a POS, and it took no time at all to build, but it serves its purpose nicely.  I completed clecoing both leading edges together and mounted them to the spars.20131130-194250.jpg





While I was in Charleston I picked up some swag from my alma mater.  Here’s Squire trying on my new hat.


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