Wing Spars 8 (4.0 hrs)

The tie down brackets are almost complete, except during the countersinking of the spacers I broke my #40 countersink.  Its the only one I have, so I was forced to set aside the brackets until I get a new one in.20131006-203512.jpg

In the mean time, I began work on the rear spar.  I deburred all the edges of the spars, reinforcement plates and the reinforcement fork.  I also match drilled the plates and began cutting the holes out of the center plates using a step bit, a pneumatic nibbler, and a file.20131006-203525.jpg

Here you can see the results of the match drilled plate and the first hole almost complete.  The edges still need cleaning up, but its slow going with the files.  There should be a better method (or maybe a better file) for doing this. 20131006-203542.jpg

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