Fuel Tanks 28 (5.0 hrs)

Well, both tanks are almost complete.  For the second time.  Now, if my fuel tank luck continues at its current rate, I’ll likely have several leaks!

Today I installed the new baffle on the right fuel tank.  I completed the installation including the z-brackets and now the only remaining part is to seal the access plate.

I started by drilling, deburring and scuffing the new baffle.  Then I cleaned all the parts with acetone and cheesecloth.  The z-brackets took quite a bit of work to get all the old sealant and primer off.  (Priming them was a stupid idea in retrospect especially considering I would need the sealant to adhere to them.)  20140712-191739-69459015.jpg

Here are the z-brackets in the process of cleaning.  I used my typical acetone, scotchbrite, acetone again approach. 20140712-191740-69460608.jpg


The instructions say to cleco every hole for the skin to baffle joint. 20140712-191800-69480374.jpg

Next I quadruple checked my z-bracket alignment and installed with the closed end pop rivets.



And finally I used the pneumatic squeezer to rivet the skin to the baffle.  Peaking inside through the access hole, there appears to be a good bead of sealant.  Hopefully I don’t have any leaks. 20140712-191837-69517864.jpg

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