Fuel Tanks 14 (7.0 hrs)

The tanks are slow going and this post includes work from last weekend that I had forgotten to include.

Last weekend I knocked out the fuel cap flanges and drain assembly. Normally, this would have been a relatively quick procedure, but I made a boneheaded mistake. I riveted the flanges but forgot the vent line clip. I drilled out the rivet and fixed the error, but then again every step you take is slowed by the application of sealant.

Today I riveted and sealed two interior ribs on the left tank. It’s been many months since I riveted with the mushroom swivel set and a bucking bar. Adding sealant to the equation only made me more nervous. My fears were not justified, and the riveting was a breeze. After two ribs, I have my technique and timing fairly well nailed.  About 50 grams of sealant is perfect for two ribs.

Here is the completed fuel cap assembly. 20140208-212613.jpg


Interior of the fuel drain.20140208-212731.jpg

Blurry picture of the exterior of the fuel drain.20140208-212740.jpg

Interior of the fuel flange. 20140208-212750.jpg

Rib sealing…20140208-212809.jpg



Progress so far. 20140208-212851.jpg

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