Ailerons 7 (2.0 hrs)

This evening I set about final preparation of the right aileron.  Primarily deburring and dimpling the remaining structure.

I had an extra 3/32 dimple die set.  The male die was a little off, having at some point it its life being used for something it should have been. So its been sitting unused. The tight space at the trailing edge of the outer ribs presented a problem, and this little spare die was the solution. I ground down the male portion of the die so that it would not protrude from the back of the female close quarters die. This way I could use the no-hole yoke, close quarters dimple die, and modified male die, to get into very tight places. I have to be careful to make sure everything is aligned properly, but if you go slow, the male die will ensure the female die is properly aligned. IMG_0162.JPG

Here is a picture of the process.IMG_0163.JPG

The end result came out perfect.  The far dimple looks like its off, but that is artifact of the picture.  I’m very happy with the result, as it was difficult to even get the close quarters dimple die set in this location. IMG_0164.JPG

Not much to say for a post concerning deburring and dimpling. IMG_0165.JPG

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