Ailerons 6 (2.5 hrs)

Today I finished final drilling and dimpling the leading edge skin for the right aileron.  The counterweight attaches to the leading edge skin at the point where the curve in the skin is greatest.  As a result, you cannot use a standard dimple die to dimple the skin for the CS4-4 pop rivets.  The method recommend (not in the instructions) is to use to counter sink the counterweight pipe and then use that as your dimple die.

Here I have the counterweight pipe, after countersinking, attached to a 2×4.  IMG_0005.JPG


With the counterweight securely in place, I clecoed the leading edge skin.IMG_0008.JPG

I used the steel rod from my c-frame and a male dimple die to achieve the dimple below. IMG_0010.JPG


I was at the airport for a long time today, but I didn’t get much work done. We also had an EAA Chapter meeting and that made for a lot of visitors and hangar talk. Zack Chattler was nice enough to give me two very heavy duty rubber mats for the floor. The heavy weight is perfect for holding down the wood and providing a stable surface.


Also, our EAA Technical Counselor, John Raffensparger, took a look at my project.  He was very pleased with the quality of the build and so far, no squawks!IMG_0012.JPG

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