Horizontal Stab 1

Today I have started construction!

My first task is to inspect the work done by the previous owner. It’s important that I understand where in the process he left off, which steps have been completed and which steps have not been completed. So I got started on page 1 of the Van’s instruction manual rear spar assembly. I’m proceeding by going line by line through the instructions and determining whether or not that step has been completed. Additionally I am finding all the parts and familiarizing myself with what part goes where. It looks like the previous owner has completed the majority of the rear spar work. As I find each piece I’m laying it out its corresponding location. The holes for the innermost rib on the right-hand side have not been drilled in the front spar. The center hinge with bearings has not been completely drilled out. No deburring or priming has been done. Beyond those squawks, the majority of the rear and front spar assemblies are complete. I’m going to go buy the remainder of the drill bits I am missing, some items for deburring, and primer in a spray can for small parts, and for the next session work on completing the steps for these stages.

I also still need to complete my practice kit, as there are some skills I have not practiced. Don’t want my first attempt to be on the actual kit!


Rear and front spar assemblies to left horizontal stabilizer as purchased from previous owner.


Missing holes that still need to be drilled.


Parts laid out and clecoed for inspection. You can also see in this picture the stand I’ve made for holding the plans. The backboard and glass were given to my by the previous owner. The addition of very simple stand made from spare wood completed the job.

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