Horizontal Stab 2 (1 hr)

Tonight I managed to spend an hour working on the kit. In that time, I managed to stare at the plans, drill two holes, become crestfallen because one hole was not centered, and finally feel jubilation upon realizing the hole was not supposed to be centered! The instructions and plans are still a little overwhelming, but I’m sure my confidence and understanding will improve.

The time was not wasted as I did a number of minor tasks in the workshop. I also put together a shopping list for tools I need. Primarily I need deburring and scratch removal items. A number of sharpie markers wouldn’t hurt either.

With the exception of drilling the left forward center rib, the majority of the drilling is complete. I can soon move to deburring, priming and riveting.

I’m still undecided on the method I’m going to use for priming. I’m leaning towards a middle of the road approach, but I may go all in for the empennage as its been sitting for a few years already.


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