Interior Paint 7

Back when I was doing the interior painting, I ran out of paint. Unfortunately, when I returned to the paint supplier, Nyquist, they had written the formula on the can incorrectly. They said they would match it, but after multiple trips, they were still unable to do so. I was frustrated and should have demanded a refund or compensation, but instead, I moved on to other work and it became history.

Now that it’s nearing the time to install some of these parts permanently, I needed to find a solution. My friend Chad told me about a place called Colors, a bit north of me. I took a painted part to them, and they did an excellent job matching the paint and the amount of flatness I needed. They can also mix and fill aerosol cans, so I had a can of the interior paint mixed up for touch-ups and a few other spots that haven’t been painted. They also have a number of other supplies that I wish I had discovered earlier.

Since I can’t do this type of painting at the hangar, my buddy Brian offered his shop and we did the painting there. I made a couple of errors, primarily due to mismatching my gun’s needle and orifice size, resulting in a few drops. Overall, though, it came out well, and I’m happy.

Here is the before paint photo. 
And an after paint photo. 

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