Daily Archives: November 26, 2022

Interior Paint 7   Recently updated !

Way back when I did the interior painting, I ran out of paint. Unfortunately, when I returned to the paint supplier, Nyquist, they had written the formula on the can down incorrectly. I was told they would match it. After multiple trips, I was told they were unable to match the paint. I was frustrated. I should have demanded a refund or compensation, but instead I moved onto other work, and before long it became history.
Now the time is nearing where some of these parts will be installed permanently. I needed to find a solution. My friend Chad told me about a place a bit north of me called Colors. I took a painted part to them, and they did an excellent job matching the paint and the amount of flatness I had. They are also able to mix and fill aerosol cans! I had a can of the interior paint mixed up for touch ups and a few other spots that haven’t been painted. They also have a number of other supplies I wish I had discovered earlier.
I can’t do this type of painting at the hangar. So my buddy Brian offered up his shop and we did the painting there. I made a couple errors, primarily driven by mismatching my gun’s needle and orifice size resulting in a few drops. Overall it came out well though and I’m happy.
Here is the before paint photo. 
And an after paint photo.