Horizontal Stab 6 (2 hrs)

I recently ordered George Orndorff’s video on empennage construction. As I’ve been unable to attend a Sportair class, I wanted a little extra instruction. I’m glad I did as it has already given me a little more confidence, which I sorely need.

Patience.  I have very little patience, and this project I’m certain will test every ounce that I have.  The empennage kit I own was bought second hand with some work already completed.  While this saved me money, it is not something I will ever do again.  It is very difficult for me, ever so eager to press forward with the project, to review what work has been completed and what has not.  As an example, during today’s work session I reamed the skins and the rear spar for the horizontal stabilizer.  I found that the entire left spar had been completed, but only 5 holes on the right stabilizer.  Not easy for someone with very little patience.  BUT, on the upside, I made progress.  The rear spar is completely deburred and ready for riveting, to include the dimples.  I will order my AKZO this weekend so that I can begin preparing parts for priming as needed.




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