Fastback 51

Not a ton to report tonight. In the photo below you can see the process of doing the final trim on the right side. This varied from a 1/4 inch near the rear to less than 1/8 at the front before the taper to the nose begins. The airport was dead when I got there, and I had no one to help me move the canopy. Considering the edges are still rough, I’m more-than-normally concerned about cracking the canopy in transit. It is too unwieldy for me to comfortably and safely move by myself. To address the problem, I trimmed it in place by propping up a bit higher with some spare wood. I used some clamps to keep the shape of the canopy. It tends to bow out under its own weight, and that also seems to be a good opportunity for a crack to develop somewhere.


After I got the side trimmed, my hangar-mate Jim showed up to do some flying, and I was able to have him give me a hand moving the canopy. I began sanding all the edges and worked by way up to 220 grit before calling it a night. I will likely do a little more sanding and perhaps one higher grit before I go about drilling the holes for the attachment. This way, I can do the high grit sanding and polishing of both the edges and the holes at the same time.

The canopy fits perfectly. There isn’t one area where I have over-trimmed, and with the final sanding and shaping the reciprocal is also true.

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