Fastback 42

Trying to get back into the swing of things and spend some time at the airport. I continued my previous work on the instrument panel cover. After applying a filet of micro balloons I fitted the actual instrument panel. In the first photo you can see how much I decided I needed to trim to get the desired lines. Additionally, the left side will require a little more fiber glass while the right side is perfect depth.



Here are the two sides after each has been trimmed. You’ll also note that the end extensions I made have been put in place and cleaned up.



Using much the same technique as the canopy reinforcement rails and bulkhead stiffeners, I laid some fiberglass over the micro balloon filet.


After this was complete, I let the epoxy cure and turned my attention back to the instruction manual. Since I have the instrument panel laying up – I skipped drilling the locking mechanism holes in the forward instrument panel and the after bulkhead. Instead I turned my attention to the C806fb Latch pin anchor material. Bryan’s instructions state to cut the piece to make a 2.5 inch piece and a 4 inch piece, but the part is only 6 inches, so its off by half an inch. Taking a quick look at the application – I decided there was plenty of material and I shaved a quarter inch off of each and called it a day.


Here are the resulting pieces.


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