Fastback 28

I began today by slowly shaping and fitting the lower canopy skirt reinforcement rails. These rails are positioned to affix to the bottom of the forward, center, and aft bulkheads 1 inch from the cockpit rails. They are a bit more challenging to hold in place than the bulkheads. In the first two photos you can see the forward and aft sections of the left reinforcement. This is prior to using any flox.

IMG_4838 IMG_4839

The edge at both the front and back of the rail on the outside required some sanding in order to match the curve of the fiberglass. All in all it was a pretty close fit.


Once again I used my trusty tongue depressor sticks as a spacer.


Lots of tape to prevent flox getting into places its not needed. This was particularly challenging on the side with the hinge. I COULD have taken the canopy off to affix these, but I prefer the frame to rest in its final position to ensure the end result is as true as possible.


I used some tape and one clamp in the center to hold the rails in place.

IMG_4843 IMG_4844

As I said, this was more challenging that the other rails. Give careful consideration to how to clamp the rails in place and provide spacing from the other rails. I am almost certain that my flox bond will be less than perfect, particularly on the underside. I will likely need to do a second layer of flox with a syringe. Now I need to decide how to best do these layups.

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