Fuselage 37 – Conduit & Misc

Its cold out! I had a little spare time this evening to begin work on a few miscellaneous projects. First up, I need to route some conduit to the tail of the plane for the elevator trim and the rudder strobe. I’m going to use the same flexible tube conduit from Van’s I used in the wings. A few builders have created new holes in the bulkhead, but I’m not a big fan of drilling extra holes in this location. I’m going to use zip ties. To help protect from chaffing I made some small doublers from the split tube conduit I have for each zip tie / bulkhead location.  

Here is the conduit with the extra conduit doubler on top.   

Here is the final version of the left rudder cable fairing I made in the previous session.

While I didn’t take a photo, I also fabricated the second fairing for the right side tonight and then primed.

I also made the bonehead mistake of placing the static ports one bulkhead further forward than they are supposed to be. I drilled them out quickly.

I’m going to use an oops rivet to fix. I slightly countersunk the surface, and here is the result. I still need to drive the rivet, but it is impossible to do solo.  

Next I ran the static line in its proper location. I didn’t trim the tubing, and will wait until my new static ports arrive. You can also see the conduit installed in this photo. I’m not entirely sure how far forward I will bring the conduit at this point. My thought is that I will bring it forward to either the battery location, or to the first bulkhead (by the rear seat) that has a location drilled for the aft battery. The ELT remote, elevator trim, battery cable, and strobe wiring, will all have to be routed here.  

Session time: 3.0 hours 

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