Fuselage 35 – Fwd elevator stop

The first task for today was to remove the horizontal stab and elevator so that I could file down the forward elevator stop. The down travel of the elevator was 23 degrees, so I only had 2 degrees more for the down travel to be at its maximum deflection. Both elevator horns are supposed to touch the stops simultaneously, but in order to achieve this I would have to exceed the maximum elevator down travel. So removed as much as I could. This resulted in a 24.8 degree down angle, and about 1/16 of an inch of space between the right elevator horn and the stop. I will have to think on my solution for the down stop. Options are 1) leave it as is, 2) add a weld or rivet to the horn to account for the space, or 3) build out the right side of the stop in some way.

I also riveted on the aft stop.

After this, John and I began riveting the bulkheads to the fuselage. This took longer than you would expect as we needed to use several techniques. Some rivets could be squeezed, while others needed to be bucked using a variety of rivet sets and bucking bars.

We also made the wood inserts for laying inside the fuselage to do work.

I began the connection for the flap motor, but stopped, as I can quickly return to this after installing the floors for the final time.

I made an additional insert for the floors.   

Perhaps I should have done a few more things inside before clecoing on the turtledeck. For instance, running the rudder cables. I was able to get it done, but it was more work than normal.

As I got the rudder cable worked towards the front, I was confused trying to find the location for the cable going through the center section. After a little research, it turns out that they don’t drill this on the quickbuild. I assume a team makes this section for both the RV-8 and the RV-8A, and they leave it for later. The hole looking aft will be easy to drill. The hole looking forward (on the aft side) is going to be a royal pain in the ass to drill.  

I need to give some consideration as to how wiring will be routed to the empennage. I will have the aft strobe, and the elevator trim to wire up.

Session time: 7.0 hours

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