Fuselage 25 – Prep for empennage attachment

My hangar mate’s plane is out for its annual inspection, so I have a few weeks where I have extra room. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get started on the empennage attachment.

I knew I’d need a second set of hands to remove the fuselage from the rotisserie and get everything situated. Luckily my buddy Mike was willing to help. The first step was to rearrange the hangar as best I could and prepare space for removing the fuselage from the rotisserie.

After we removed the fuselage from the rotisserie, Mike was kind enough to keep my mobile platform in the back of his hangar. While he put that away, I built a quick and dirty fuselage stand from some basic saw horses.

Here you can see the fuselage in its new location. I’ve offset the tail to allow for the empennage to be attached.   

Fancy? Nope. Effective? Yes.

We put the tail feathers in place just to see it. Its a good feeling. This actually looks like a plane! I can’t wait until the wings go on!  

In the next session I will begin work on the actual attachment of the empennage.   

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