Fuselage 14 (2.0)

Tonight I began working ahead in the instructions in order to have as many parts for priming as possible. Here is the pile of parts I have so far.  

I also needed to complete the gear installation. The alignment was done previously and all the main holes have been drilled, however, both of the wear plates required two outboard holes to be match drilled.  

Here is where the inner wear plate still needed to be drilled.   

The results of that drilling from inside the fuselage.   

The outboard wear plate required a little more access in the bottom skins before it could be drilled.   

I enlarged those holes enough to drill a proper straight hole through. The predrilled holes in the skins are not properly aligned. And then I still had a little more material to move from where the bottom skins rub the gear legs themselves.  

Here is an after photo.  

Next I skipped ahead to a few parts for the elevator control horn and bearing. These will need to be primed.     

Lastly, I cut the main control rod to length.      

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