Fuselage 13 (3.0 hrs)

First on the plate for today was to rivet the nut plates for the forward lower consoles that I drilled in the previous session.Then I turned my attention to my the front seat ramp. There’s not a lot to do here. A few nut plates to match drill and then deburr and its ready for priming. There are two tabs that need to be removed. Shown here.The dremel makes quick work of them.  I completely deburred all the parts for the front seat ramp and dimpled the appropriate parts. Then the directions instruct me to turn my attention to the upper side consoles. One problem. I don’t have the upper consoles. They aren’t even on my inventory, so I’m a bit stumped as to why they are in the directions at this point, or why they are missing from my inventory. A call to Van’s Aircraft on Monday should answer the question.Additionally, today I bought primer for the interior parts of the plane. I’m going with PPG light grey primer for the interior. The final interior color will be very dark grey. I’ve seen both light and dark interior cockpits, and just like in a car, a light cockpit means lots of reflections.   

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