Fastback 5

I bought a Uniden Bearcat BC780XLT scanner off of eBay for $20. This is one of the better scanners you can buy. Since its a cheap used item that didn’t include an antenna or a regular power supply I wanted to make sure it worked. I used a 120V to 12V cigarette adapter to power the unit and a ghetto install of a coax antenna to check functionality. I was able to pickup the automated weather observation at KDMW and a local firehouse, so I know it works. In the future I will wire up a proper antenna and power for the hangar, so I can listen to guys in the pattern, or pull up the weather… or just mess around with it in conjunction with my ADS-B on the Raspberry Pi.  

Back to the build. Today was all about deburring. Edge deburring. Hole deburring. Scotchbrite wheel, files. The whole nine yards. Not much else to report.

Squire was guarding Jim’s plane and keeping a watchful eye for intruders. 

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