Fastback 1

If you have read my decision points page, which is seriously out of date, you’ll know that I’ve been considering the Show Planes Fastback conversion kit since day one. Last year’s visit to Oshkosh, all but sealed the deal. Recently I made the plunge, purchased the kit, and after about 8 weeks it was delivered to my home this Friday.

Bryan from Show Planes has done an excellent job of communicating the shipping process and answering any questions I’ve come up with. After seeing the kit, and the directions that accompany it, I’m thoroughly impressed with Show Planes, and happy with the purchase. I’m going to endeavor to very clearly detail this part of the build process as it one of the more unique parts of my build. According to the paperwork, I’m serial number 86, so I’d guess that there are less than 50 of these flying out of the nearly 1500 RV-8’s out there. Finally… something somewhat unique!

The crate weighed less than 200 pounds, so it was easy to load in the back of my truck and haul to the airport. When I got to the airport, I found a welcome surprise waiting in my hangar! Spotted Cow by New Glarus Brewing! I wonder who my secret admirer is?? Someone who has recently traveled to the mid-west I’d imagine… <3<3

Once at the airport, offloading was easy.   

Here is the crate with the lid popped off. You can see the new aft fuselage skin, as well as some of the fiberglass. The rear seat back top and the instrument panel top are shown, as well as the new fiberglass canopy frame (pink).

A few more parts photos. I completed the inventory of the entire kit in less than 30 minutes. No parts were missing, and nothing was damaged. The kit is very well labeled.

Bryan has included the directions in a nice binder… a pleasant surprise.   

The inside of the binder was an even bigger surprise. The instructions are extremely well done. Step by step instructions complete with photographs and diagrams. Van’s could learn a lot from these guys!

Here is the canopy frame. Hot pink!    

The roll bar will need to be welded to the existing frame between the seats. I plan to add two supports to this bar to create triangles at the front and back for additional strength.

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