Vertical Stab 4 (5.0 hrs)

Jack stopped by today to drop off a few tools and pick up a few that he needed for a small project.  He also brought me this block he made for hanging his horizontal stabilizer.  My first project for the day was to get that hung.

20130413-130559.jpg20130413-130606.jpg20130413-130614.jpgNext up was completing the dimpling for the vertical stabilizer.  Here is my ghetto setup for dimpling with my c-frame. 20130413-130620.jpg20130413-130627.jpgJack also brought me this swivel connection which I set up for my pneumatic squeezer. 20130413-171258.jpg20130413-171305.jpgI also had to dimple the rear spar and countersink the spar reinforcement.  My last attempt at countersinks wasn’t the best, so I took my time to set the countersink cage up correctly.20130413-171321.jpgHere is my quick and easy dimpling setup.20130413-171327.jpgI also made a 1/8″ countersink gauge for dimple countersinks.  Now I can use this to accurately check that the countersink is the appropriate depth for the dimple.20130413-171334.jpgHere is the end product of my countersinking effort.



The final task was to prep all the vertical stabilizer parts for priming.  I’m going to hold off on priming and riveting as I want to prime more parts at once in order to reduce waste and save time.  That being the case… its time to start work on the rudder.20130413-171411.jpg

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