Trim Tab 1 (3.5 hours)

First an update on the left elevator: the parts will arrive Tuesday via FEDEX ground.  I should be caught back up in a weekend.

On to the trim tab.  The first project was to remove the blue plastic in order to begin work on the trim tab.  Next I used Mike Bullock’s brake to bend the trailing edge.  I used my hand seamers and a few rulers to complete the trailing edge bend.  After the fiasco of screwing up the tab on the elevator, I set about bending the tabs on the trim tab today.  After discussion with Jack during the setup for the Gathering tomorrow, I think I had the right approach in mind.  I bought some oak planks to use as my bending blocks.  Double sided carpet tape and two clamps held everything in place.  This is extremely easy to mess up and a severe pain in the butt.  In the end I was successful.  Both sides are bent the appropriate amount and in the correct location.  There are a few areas where its not the prettiest but its perfectly airworthy and I’m happy enough with the result.  This is one area that you should definitely take your time with and practice.20130712-203759.jpg



I got a flat yoke from Avery tools.  This yoke doesn’t accept a die in the upper receiver but acts as the flat die itself.  This should allow me to finish up those few pesky rivets on the rudder and elevator that I could not access.20130712-203818.jpg

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