Elevators 7 (1.5 hrs)

Sunday, a day that should have seen at least 4 hours in the shop, just wan’t my day. The belt broke on the zero-turn mower we have, so it was off to Lowes to get a replacement. Getting the mowing deck off was easy, but getting the new belt on was a severe pain in the rear. As soon as I got it going, I had to make several other adjustments, and get some mowing done, so by the time I got to the plane I was tired.

I completed all the dimpling that required the c-frame on both skins. I did however discover that I had not done all of the stiffeners correctly. The three stiffeners labeled J, K, and L were slightly shorter than the D, E, and F they are made from. Using my digital calipers I made the corrections. In the process I realized that the guide notch used for the taper was supposed to be rounded off. Easy fix for the elevators, but what about the rudder?!?! I left them all that way on the rudder! I emailed the picture below to Van’s support and their response was short and sweet… leave it be.. it won’t be a problem. Thank heavens! I assumed the radius wasn’t sharp enough to be a problem, but when the directions tell you to do something, and you do not, its best to check with the experts.

I need to make a list of discrepancies and issues that may require attention before other steps are completed such as painting. 🙂



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