Elevators 24 (2.0 hrs)

Not much to report on a priming night.  I did however finally buy a “measuring” device for the epoxy primer (a ladle) shown here in the first picture.  Once again, totally ripped that idea off from somewhere else.

I did however have difficulty with the HVLP gun this evening.  It just would not cooperate and the trigger mechanism (not the needle) but the air regulation part seemed to be sticking.  I think it probably needs to be broken down and given a thorough cleaning.

Regardless, I’m now ready to back rivet the stiffeners, which will be a quick job.  That will almost bring me back to where I was on the last left elevator…  I’m hoping to be caught back up by this weekend.  I’m planning to finish as much as I can on the trim tab prior to completing the left elevator so that I can ensure the distance between the two is correct.  I’m under a self imposed time crunch now… wings are arriving in about 4 weeks.20130724-225119.jpg




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