Elevators 12 (1.0 hr)

I was a bit late posting this week.  This post is actually from Monday night… I think.  I set about clecoing the skin to the skeleton and the elevator horns.  Two issues arose.  First, the one elevator horn was not aligning properly.  A little reshaping of the end rib flange to web radius and some strong arming of the clecos did the trick.  The more concerning issue is an area towards the root of the right elevator that is “oil canning”.  I’m not sure how to proceed.  I hope that riveting and bending the leading edge will exert enough pull on the skin to tighten it up.  The other option is to put a small stiffener in diagonally with proseal.  I’m leaning towards just pushing on and seeing what the result is.  If there are any negative flight characteristics, I can always rebuild later.


Here is the misaligned rudder horn.





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