Triple Tree Fly-in

Mike Bullock and I flew in his RV-7 to the Triple Tree Fly-in. This was our first time to the event. We had originally planned to make a multi-day event of the trip, but we both wound up wanting to do a shorter trip. We settled on a one night excursion. We departed mid-morning on Friday, September 6th. Mike is really excited to be getting his instrument rating later this fall. He needs 10 hours with a CFII before his accelerated course in December, and I was more than willing to help him out.

We took off and encountered a beautiful broken layer to the south.


Not too long after take off Mike put the foggles on, and I gave him some practice climbs, decent, heading changes and the like.


I also had him practice flying along an airway and tracking a course. It was a good introduction to instrument flight with the added benefit of taking us to SC00!

IMG_2293 (1)

The arrival procedures from the NOTAM were dirt simple. Combined with light traffic, getting it was a breeze. The Triple Tree Aerodrome – is a gorgeous setting. We were parked right under the trees, and immediately made friends with our neighbors. I was somewhat blown away by the location.

IMG_2302 (1)


Triple Tree is no where near the size of Sun N Fun or Oshkosh. There aren’t really any vendors – or public attending. Lots of people arriving and departing were cleared for low approaches. We did go checkout their hangar and facilities.

IMG_2308 (1) IMG_2311 (1)

Friday night featured a sample feast with 19 restaurants contributing to the all you can eat extravaganza.

IMG_2321 (1)

IMG_2320 (1)

IMG_2311 (1) 58956009499__7CA447C7-6471-4565-922F-572DD3D1E2E8

While only at Triple Tree for one day – I was impressed and had a great time. If you’re looking for something like Oshkosh, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a gorgeous location with a laidback atmosphere to hang out with good friends – this is your place. I can totally see coming back here in a larger group, and or with someone bringing their own camper / RV. You could really have a good little airplane based vacation!

On the way back, Mike did more instrument work. I had him shoot two approaches and a hold. He did very well, although we both have a learning curve for his GRT avionics.

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