Recent Helicopter Flights

I have now introduced eight people to flying in the helicopter! My buddy Mike was first just after I got my certificate. A short while later I flew my buddy Wes. My mother in-law Olga went for a flight, as did my Dad and his wife Nancy. More recently, I took my buddy Chad flying, and his boss Joe, and last but certainly not least – I took my bride for a flight!

Here is Maja just before her second takeoff from my Dad’s house! That day I was fortunate enough to pick her up at my house, and then land at my Dad’s for a quick visit. Then we flew back to Frederick. Maja is a little nervous flying – and helicopters with their unobstructed view can be even more intimidating. I decided to leave her door on!





Recently I also started my transition training for the larger Robinson R-44. The 44 is a four seat aircraft with the six cylinder lycoming. In addition to having a much higher useful load there is plenty of extra power.


My buddy Mike joined me for one of the training flights in the R-44. We flew down the Potomac near Hudson’s Ferry, West Virginia. It was a great flight.




I’ve done a bad job of documenting my helicopter training and flying on this blog – but I guess my only excuse is that I’ve been too busy having fun and working hard.

Here is a quick video compiled from several recent flights in the helicopter – including my wife’s flight and my flight with my good friend Chad and his boss Joe.


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