McLean Clan Visit

Owen was excited for his first helicopter flight. Poor fella has a broken arm to boot – but it sure doesn’t slow him down. Owen is the first kid I’ve taken flying, and I’m glad I approached it the way I did. This will be my default mode of operation for any kids from here on out. First, James is also a pilot, so I didn’t have to worry about him not understanding the risks or freaking out etc. Parents can be a bigger worry than the kids! I told him in advance to bring a booster seat. I wanted to make sure the seat belt was not across his neck. I did a safety brief for Owen, James and Katie. I told Katie I would be remaining in the pattern, and thus in her sight the whole time. This keeps mom happy, and makes sure I can end the flight quickly if Owen is scared. It also means the flight doesn’t need to be too long. A kid’s introductory flight should be a fun experience – and it doesn’t need to be long. Longer flights can be in the future. A fun experience is the goal!


Owen is jaw dropping smart – and just about the best behaved kid I’ve met. He’s an absolute pleasure to be around.



Owen and I did a couple laps in the pattern and then we came back and shut down. James and I went on a longer flight over past Harper’s Ferry into West Virginia. 2009 was the last time James and I flew together, so its been awhile. It was great to give him an introduction to the helicopter.


You’ll have to indulge a few non-aviation photos from the weekend. Owen and Andrew got introductions to the tractor.


Although as much fun as Owen had in the helicopter, I think he may have had more fun playing with my chessie Squire. They were playing together for a long time. Squire is great with kids. I’m not sure which one was entertaining the other – but we all enjoyed the show!IMG_1472



Owen also had a blast meeting the horses. Particularly our pony, Johnny!






A great weekend grilling and hanging out by the fire pit. Absolutely a blast having them up – and I can’t wait until their next visit.

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