Cambridge with Jack & Mike

Jack called my yesterday to see if I wanted to ride GIB on a flight out to Cambridge on the Maryland Eastern Shore.  I had planned to work on the kit all day, but I make it a rule to never turn down a flight!

When I arrived at the airport I saw that Mike Bullock was flying dash 2 out with us.  I tried to get the best pictures of him I could with my iPhone. The flight and food were a blast and both reiterated how badly I want to get this build done… I can’t work quick enough, as I was seriously jealous not being at the controls. With that said, its time to go out to the garage and work on the fuel tanks.




Here’s our destination.20140112-163418.jpg

Jack parked at Cambridge. 20140112-163429.jpg

Mike on the return flight. 20140112-163546.jpg


On the way out we almost overflew my buddy Denny’s house, so on the return we directly overflew it.  Unfortunately I missed getting a picture of his house.  20140112-163621.jpg




Finally, here is a YouTube video of Mike and Jack’s formation takeoff out of Cambridge.  

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