Wings 14 (1.0 hr)

Since I’m waiting on the sealant to cure on the tanks before correcting my z-bracket mistake, I’ve turned my attention back to the leading edges.  They each need to be deburred, dimpled and primed prior to riveting.  Tonight I started the deburring process.

I bought a new propane heater.  150,000 BTU and only $200.  No thermostat though, just low, medium and high settings.  For $200 bucks I can’t complain. I also got a chance to play around with a new iPhone app that allows me to quickly and easily draw on photos and include text, arrows and other markings.20140313-205003.jpg

Here it is in action. 20140313-205013.jpg



I also needed to remove the blue vinyl covering.  Which I also started tonight. 20140313-205123.jpg

I started removing the clecos in order to deburr when I noticed I had not final drilled the bottom line of holes.  It will only take a few minutes to re-cleco and drill the skins to the spar.  20140313-205132.jpg

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