Fuel Tanks 31 (8.0 hrs)

This weekend was dedicated to finishing up the fuel tanks… finally! We’ve had a lot of snow in the Maryland area lately, but luckily my hangar faces southwest so I get a constant stream of sun that melts the ice and keeps my hangar doors working well.

I forgot to presoak the capacitive fuel sender wires to the vent line! I can’t believe I overlooked this. What is more annoying is that I have marked it as complete.

I had a bit of a gouge from the circle cutter in the side of the fuel tank. I needed to sand it down.

Here is the end result.

Next it was time to setup for working with proseal. IMG_7525.JPG

I cut the bottom of a standard dixie cup to mix proseal. IMG_7526.JPG


Then it was time to seal the capacitive fuel sensor wire to the vent line. I used copious amounts of proseal.

IMG_7531.JPG IMG_7532.JPG IMG_7533.JPG


While waiting for this to dry, I secured the access panel for the other tank.


After this I set about installing the four other access plates on the other tank.


At this point, I forgot to take anymore pictures. Pretty standard stuff regardless. Each access plate is prosealed and attached with close-end pop rivets.

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