Fuel Tanks 24 (6.0 hrs)

Getting these blasted rivets out of the tanks is proving to be far more difficult than I had anticipated, and I was expecting it to be difficult. I bought at USB “borescope” camera off of Amazon for $18.  Its a cheap bit of junk but it serves its purpose.  With this camera I was able to remove many other rivets.  Next I tried sloshing water.  This brought out a few more rivets, but at final count I was still short.  Finally, I gave up and drilled the baffle off of the right tank.  Drilling rivets was easy.  Removing pro-seal was not.  I destroyed the baffle in the process and had to order a new one from Van’s.  I’m now 5 rivets short of having them all.  I’m not going to remove the other baffle as I’m convinced I can get the remaining five with a combination of the camera, magnets, and sloshing water.


I attached the camera to one of the telescoping handles I have for an inspection mirror.  Then I affixed a piece of string to the very end so that I could manipulate the angle of the camera inside the tanks.  It worked very well.  Lighting was a bit difficult with the high reflectivity of the aluminum.20140419-202330.jpg


Here’s how I’m keeping track of the rivets as I remove them.  20140419-202355.jpg

Here is the tank after I removed the baffle.20140419-202428.jpg

The proseal I will need to deal with prior to installing the new baffle.  Not going to be fun. 20140419-202435.jpg

Here are some interior pictures I took with the USB camera. 20140419-202445.jpg






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