Fuel Tanks 20 (5.0 hrs)

I was concerned about the position of the flop tube after my last session in the shop.  The flop tube was wedged in the corner and was more likely to get stuck as a result of my anti-hangup guide and stiffener.  My initial thought was to add another angled piece similar to the other anti-hangup guide to the innermost rib.  First, I posted a new thread to Van’s Airforce detailing my dilemma.  Tom Albano was nice enough to send me the two pictures of his flop tube anti-hangup guide.  Simple solution!  Why didn’t I think of that? He simply added a straight section of aluminum to the existing guide.  This new piece goes from top to bottom in the tank and will surely solve my potential problem.

Here are the pictures provided by Tom:photo 2

photo 1

In this shop session I set about implementing Tom’s solution.  It was fairly painless.  I was a little more lazy than him, and used pop rivets for the additional piece of aluminum, but I’m more than happy with the results. I also finished fabricating and installing the small angles used as anti-hangup guides on the outboard side (left in the picture).  20140306-163535.jpg


Both capacitive fuel senders have been crimped, soldered and installed.  In the picture below I’m using my new second set of hands prior to soldering. 20140306-163554.jpg

A few more pictures of the completed project.  I now need to seal the fuel vent, bnc connector, flop tube and access panels.  Finally, the baffles will be installed.  One more good weekend of productivity and the fuel tanks sealing should be  complete. 20140306-163606.jpg


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