Fuel Tanks 16 (8.0 hours)

All of the interior ribs on both fuel tanks have been riveted and sealed.  I had planned to get a lot more time in the shop on this 3 day weekend, but a major snow fall, a ski trip, and running out of propane in the garage prevented that.  I did get a solid, but freezing, 8 hours in the shop.  I should be able to finish the tanks this weekend.  I need to install the end ribs, vent line, access plates, and capacitive fuel sensor.  All of that has been prepped so it should go together relatively quickly.  I can’t wait to do the tanks.  All in all, they haven’t been very difficult, but they are very time consuming and slow.  Working with the sealant is messy and I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it.

Mike Bullock was kind enough to give me all the fittings to plug up the tank for leak testing.  Hopefully I can soon move onto riveting the rest of the wing!

No pictures this weekend.  I will post some next time.

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