Flaps 9 (2.0 hrs)

Today I finished all deburring, edge prep, and preparing for priming.  I realized that I had drilled the holes connecting the ribs to the formed rear “spar” with a #40 bit, when the plans call for a #30.  I quickly corrected that as well. After I finished all of the prep work, I set up the shop for the wings, as my next project, beyond riveting the flaps are all on the wings themselves. IMG_6454.JPG


In the process of setting up the shop, I pulled Jim’s airplane out of the hangar. Holy cow was it hard to push back in! The new hangar has a slight incline in the taxiway, plus there are two tracks for the doors and a concrete lip. It was all I could do to get the plane back in the hangar by myself. It wouldn’t be as hard if we had his plane centered and the hangar was relatively empty.  Then I could just get some speed up and use momentum to my advantage, but with the wing and horizontal stabs close to the walls, I’m not taking any chances in damaging his plane. IMG_6456.JPG

What I need to do is something like what one of my neighbors has done with a little blacktop repair. Unfortunately, with Jim’s plane off center, and mine eventually centered, I’ll have to do a bit more than three spots. IMG_6457.JPG

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