Ailerons 9 (3.0 hrs)

Last time I was able to prime the replacement left trailing aileron skin, and so this evening it was time to back rivet the stiffeners in place. I finally upgraded my AT&T account and I can now make my phone a wifi hotspot.  The phone has had the capability forever, but as I was on the old unlimited data plan I was forbidden from using it.  Its nice to be able to use a laptop and my iPad in the hangar!  Makes research much easier!IMG_5841.JPG

First step was to tape all the rivets in place. IMG_5842.JPG


Then I put the stiffens in place and began to back rivet.  I use a large bag of lead shot to ensure the skin is perfectly flat on the back rivet plate. This is also a huge help for the last few rivets that are near the trailing edge bend.  The lead shot is very heavy and the weight prevents any mistakes as a result of lifting the upper surface. IMG_5844.JPG

Back riveting always produces great looking rivets. IMG_5847.JPG

Here is my expensive back riveting tape.  They sell specialty rivet tape through the normal suppliers, but this works just as well and it is conveniently located in the aviation section of your local grocery store. IMG_5848.JPG

After the back riveting was complete I bent the trailing edge with the wooden brake, and then clecoed the parts together for final drilling. IMG_5849.JPG

I used the same procedure as last time for drilling the counterweight pipe. IMG_5850.JPG

I paid much closer attention to my countersinks this go around.  I discovered on my last attempt that my drill was not always perfectly perpendicular to the pipe and as a result some of my countersinks were a bit cockeyed. The end result was fine, but still, this was an improvement. IMG_5851.JPG

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