Interior Paint 3

Today was time to paint the corrections from yesterday. I cleaned all of the rear panel, and taped off all the other areas to protect from overspray. I decided today to use a higher paint flow and heavier application. 

I then set about cleaning all of the parts I could fit on my workbench. This covers about 3/4 of the remaining parts for painting. Cleaning took quite a bit of time.

Here is the resulting paint. Much smoother, but somehow I’ve got some contaminate. Its not water, or oil, but appears to be particulate. I used the same setup for priming, and got no contamination, so I’m a bit perplexed as to what this is. I’m not a fan of this paint, and I really won’t know how it turned out until I can get up there and see it dried. 

Additionally the rage gold seemed to absorb the paint a little differently from the rest of the paint. Most likely because I didn’t prime first. All in all, I’m doing things a bit out of order here. It should be body filler, and then primer, but this is what happens when you change your mind. Worst case I will repaint when I paint the rails. 

Here are the rest of the parts after final paint. Note the inaccurate color. The camera really struggles with color accuracy in the paint booth. I’m not sure if its the fluorescent lighting or the shade of grey, but I suspect all of the above. The paint is much darker, and closer to what you see above. Although above is actually darker than reality due to being wet.

Here is fiberglass rear seat back top I primed yesterday. You can easily make out the pin holes. There are a lot, but not as many as I expected. Some areas have none at all.

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