Rudder 9 (2.0 hrs)

Jack came over today and reviewed my rudder work.  Thankfully all of my issues are trivial.  I appreciate him taking time to come out, especially for what turned out to be trivial. I guess its better to have that news that to learn that the skin needed to be replaced.

I was able to complete the second rudder attach strip (pictured below).  I had also forgotten to notch both of the attach strips, so I quickly fixed that issue. I also added RTV at the front of the stiffeners to prevent vibration cracking.  All of the match drilling is complete with the exception of the center spar section.  I will finish that match drilling in the next session.  Dimpling will be quick as all of the remaining dimpling can be done with a squeezer.  I don’t intend to start riveting at that point as I’m going to wait for priming the remaining parts until I have more parts ready.20130428-192239.jpg



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