Daily Archives: April 25, 2023

First Taxi Test & Brake Wear In

Tonight I set about taxiing for the first time! My goal was two fold. First, I wanted to taxi test that everything was working, and break in the brakes. Second, I wanted to use the taxi test as an engine warm up for a static run-up to adjust max RPM if required. Idle RPM is still not quite perfect either.

There’s not too much to note. The aircraft taxis like a dream. I’m by no means an experienced tailwheel pilot, but of the taildraggers I have taxied – this is the easiest and most maneuverable. It was definitely a wide grin moment for me!

For the brake check-in, I just ran the rpms a little high and periodically used the brakes to control speed.

The static run up wasn’t successful because I cannot get above 2400 RPM without the tail coming up, despite full nose up stick aft. I’ll probably just have to dial this in during flight testing.

OH, and I almost forgot. I also wanted to test that the cowling fit properly with the engine running and during the torque of starting. With the 200hp angle valve engine, the fit is TIGHT. Everything went perfectly!