Daily Archives: April 24, 2023

Post first start corrections

After the first start, there were a few squawks we discovered. First, in the third startup we were not able to get the prop to cycle. Research after the fact showed folks reporting that a higher RPM is required to get the oil flowing on first start for the whirl wind props. 2000 – 2300 RPM were suggested. Tonight I set about testing that – sure enough it worked! The prop now cycles appropriately.

Amazingly I had not put a gasket under the magneto! Yikes! And I had two sitting on hand. So I had to remove the magneto, install a gasket, and retime. I did my best to mark the magneto position and lock the gear in place, but I still had to verify the timing. I got it spot on.

Also found the oil cooler scat tubing is rubbing on my oil dipstick. I put a couple solutions in place, but I fear neither are long term solutions. I will need a more secure method of holding it in place.

The baggage door lock had been problematic during first start. The latch came apart due to a fault bushing I had damaged carelessly closing the baggage door previously. So for first start up I had to tape the door shut. It was an easy fix tonight and the baggage door was good as new.

I also went over the plane with a fine tooth comb looking for any loose items or other fixes.