Daily Archives: April 23, 2023

First Engine Start!

Today was the big day! First engine start! The plan was three runs. First run at idle for a couple minutes. Shut down and inspect. The second run would be a 5 min run testing a few more items to include the magnetos. The third run would be for 15 min at 1500 RPM with a full static power test at the end.

I had lots of friends and helpers on hand for the test. Big shout outs to Mike Bullock (RV-7 rvplane.com) and Mike Rollison (RV-6) for all their help and advice. I was super nervous and highly excited.

We had a little trouble with getting it to fire up on the first start. We definitely had too much fuel in the equation. This plane doesn’t seem to like the procedure that was recommended… so we just did a quick prime and then fired it up. Now that the procedure is dialed in – she starts like a dream.

Tests 1 and 2 went great. But on test 3 we couldn’t get the prop to cycle, so we abandoned the rest of the test. Theories were either the governor was installed incorrectly or there was still a plug behind the prop. Both would be painful.

We also found a small leak by the magneto. The builder apparently did not include a gasket! Doh! A small oil leak by a plug. Rubbing of the scat tube on the oil dipstick. Otherwise it was a great first start and I’m thrilled with the success!