Monthly Archives: January 2020

Solo over York County

I flew all over the place solo today. It was an absolutely smacking day to be flying. Perfect visibility. Clean air. I flew north out of Frederick and basically flew over multiple friends and points of interest



This is Swan Lake Farm from above. My wife rides her horse here occasionally, and we are friendly with the owner and a number of other riders here. Its no small place!


I continued north flying roads I know well from growing up. I flew from Littlestown PA to Hanover and north up route 194. I flew over our old farm in Wellsville, PA. A lot of work has been done to this property since my mother and I were there in middle school. Two ponds have been added, a large addition to the bank barn, and general renovation. The place looks good.




Next up I did some low passes over our friends Nikki and Isaac’s farm outside of East Berlin, PA.

IMG_2893 IMG_2895

On my way back down south I flew over Hanover, PA. Hanover is where I went to high school (South Western). I went to 5 different school districts growing up, and I think 6 different farms, but I’ve always claimed Hanover as my home town.


Speaking of South Western – here is my high school from the air. South Western is a very good school district.


My buddy Chad’s mother lives in this development.


Hey its my place again. (Red house, red barn / garage)